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when love beckons you mixed media painting

"When Love Beckons You" Mixed Media Painting

Michelle Kennedy
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Size:  9" x 12" (hanging hardware attached)

I’m always intrigued with how paintings are made when I visit museums and galleries. How did the artist start? What did they do to make that mark or that spot stand out? What made them decide they were finished?

After seeing a few paintings with black as the base, I thought it was high time I tried that technique out. I laid it down quite thickly, and waited for it to dry completely before adding anything else. I wanted the black to be the background, but not to muddy up the rest of the colours in the process.

The yellow peeking out at the bottom was the next layer, followed closely by the blue and white just above, making it almost feel like I had intentionally decided on colour blocking. But if you look closely, you can see small patches of blue and yellow throughout the rest of the painting as well.

The bright orange came last, marrying together the analogous yellow and making the blue pop even more. I’m not one to leave well enough alone, so I took a sanding block to the orange, to help the peaks of the black layer show through just a touch more.

As you can see from my other works, I love quotes! I had always intended to add a quote to this piece, but once I had finished painting I realized it stood on its own without the need for added embellishment.