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Small Wood Block Painting: Gratitude
Small Wood Block Painting: Gratitude
Small Wood Block Painting: Gratitude

Small Wood Block Painting: Gratitude

Michelle Kennedy
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Size:  3" x 4" - Deep birch board panel (hanging hardware attached)

Ah, pink - how I love thee.

There's just small hit of pink unobscured by the yellow on this piece, but it's lovely. I had covered the substrate with pink, but not entirely. There is some green and darker pink in there as well as some orange. Overtop, I covered from top to bottom with a translucent yellow.

Let's talk about opaque and translucence, shall we? When you buy paint it's supposed to tell you if it's going to cover over and obscure whatever you place it on top of (opaque paint) or if it's going to glide overtop and be more like a lens through which you see whatever is underneath it (translucent). But if you buy cheap paint, or if you don't read the label on better paint, you can get a surprise when you apply it to your painting. Like "Oh no, I didn't mean to cover that!!" or "Oh no, I wanted that covered!"

I don't know how the Maker of Paint in their magical towers generate such wonderfulness as translucent paint, but if you're a painter and you’re not using it, you really should be. The depth generated by adding a hint of a new colour, while still seeing what has gone before can be amazing. It adds such a layer of complexity to a piece that you can't achieve with opaque paint...unless you do something to the opaque paint to make it more translucent.

So if you paint, go buy some. If you don't, go buy some art with translucent paint. It's lovely.

Ok, back to this piece.

I'm not always painting abstract landscapes, although as soon as you put a horizontal line on something, it pretty much takes on the aspect of a landscape. But this horizontal line is not across the entire piece, and above and below it are pretty much the same, so I think we can get away with saying this one isn't an abstract landscape.

I love adding words, and I had printed out a bunch with this great serif font that looks like an old typewriter. And when is it ever a bad time to practice gratitude? Like, never.

I finished this one off with Mod Podge. Wait, wait! Before you scoff...know this - Mod Podge, when layered, can give an almost encaustic look to a painting. It dulls down some of the reflection of high gloss paints, and softens it all just a bit. Don't knock it until you've tried it. I'm willing to try almost every crafty tool in my kit when it comes to making art.

It's a pretty little painting, perfect for a small spot in your office or little corner in your home. I love that these deep birch board panels stand on their own, or can be hung on the wall with just a push pin to hold them up.