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"Shine" Mixed Media Painting

"Shine" Mixed Media Painting

Michelle Kennedy
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Size:  12" x 16" (hanging hardware attached)

This painting was not a hard one to decide when it was done. Some others I've done take forrreevvvverrr to figure that out. But not this one.

You can see in the background that deep dark blue. I had a small tube of almost totally dried out yellow I mashed into the blue and let dry. It took a while; I guess it wasn't as dry as what I had thought, but it was still pretty chunky.

When I was sick of waiting, I pulled out my little red corvette red and used my big cake spreader palette knife and let it dry completely as well. I knew I wanted to sand through the red, so everything needed to be bone dry.

I came back to it with a heavy grit and a heavy hand and man, am I so glad I did. The yellow pops out like little stars all over the place through the red. The poem I added was a no brainer. It just fit so perfectly. I've kept this one close to me and haven't displayed it for sale before. Because I'm selfish I guess.

live purely
do your work with mastery
like the moon
come out from behind the clouds!