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"Every Door" Mixed Media Painting

"Every Door" Mixed Media Painting

Michelle Kennedy
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Size:  12" x 16"

Some people shy away from pink. It's too girlie or some such nonsense. That's all just a marketing ploy. Let's move beyond that.

You can see the amount of layers in this painting with all the scraping back I've done to reveal the purples and yellows, and even some white. In the final layers, bright red and bright pink stole the show and it was finished.

Some people ask if I know what the painting will look like when I start. Absolutely not. I start with a few colour choices and some application techniques, and then let it go from there. As the layers dry I make decisions based on what feels right, or what I think will fix issues or amplify areas that are already great. Which, funnily enough, is a lot like the quote on this particular painting entitled “every door.”

not knowing when
the dawn will come
I open every door

(hanging hardware attached)