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"Drink Your Tea" Mixed Media Painting

"Drink Your Tea" Mixed Media Painting

Michelle Kennedy
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Size:  7.5" x 11.5"  (hanging hardware attached)

This piece started out a lot like a few other pieces - layers of collage trying to find its way into something that never came together. But when I added some paint and everything became much easier to see.

I had added some re-inking liquid that never seemed to dry, so it was covered with varnish and left to dry for quite some time. The green seeping into the white at the top is a bit of that ink. The dark blue on the same layer of the green couldn't even contain it. Varnish was a must.

On top of that came the coppery orange and a bit of red, scraped across the background, filling in some of the valleys in all the collage pieces. Then the white was added, and taken away with water, letting it find its way into the crevices all over the top and right side of the canvas. I scratched a bit too vigorously in one spot, and that's how the green started coming through again.

I saw steam from a tea cup in the white paint, so I printed out an image in reverse and transferred it on, along with a lovely little quote.

"The worst thing
in the word
can happen,
but the next day
the sun will come up.
And you will eat your toast.
And you will drink your tea."

While it can perhaps be maddening when tragedy befalls a person to realize the rest of the world didn't stop in its tracks to acknowledge the moment, I think this is more of a comforting thought in that everything keeps moving forwards, and familiar routines can bring comfort to a wounded heart.

At least, that's my take on it.