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"Begin Again" Mixed Media Painting

"Begin Again" Mixed Media Painting

Michelle Kennedy
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Size:  12" x 16" (hanging hardware attached)

I bought a large bunch of canvases for a project that got derailed. While that's not original (I derail projects all the time), what derailed this project was a massive flood coming down from the mountains into my city and pushing out beyond. So much damage, so many lives touched, and such a defining moment in so many lives.

After I came back home from being evacuated (ours was not touched by the water, thank goodness), I sat looking at these canvases for a while. Then I just started painting, with large swaths of colour and liquid, impatient to get them dry so I could continue. But the crown jewel on these was the quotes I found to get across more of an uplifting 'come Hell or high water, I will survive' type of feeling.

“though our hearts
have been broken
still we put out
new leaves in spring
begin again”

»B. Crooker