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michelle Kennedy, Painter

In every canvas I lose my sense of time, and just let everything pour into creating something wonderful.

West Coast Artisan Gallery in conversation with
Michelle Kennedy, Mixed Media Painter

Your pieces are so colourful and thought provoking, what's your inspiration?

What I bring to each piece is a sense of questioning, a sense of not knowing, not being in control. The moments, the emotions, the paints and the substrates chosen guide the outcome. I work with every element until it all feels complete.

Sometimes I'm guided more by the music I'm listening to, other times by the colours revealed or by my ubiquitous emotions. In every canvas I lose my sense of time and just let everything pour into creating something wonderful. Something I resonate with.

When a piece of art I've created finds that same resonance within another, a connection is made. A thread is extended from my hand to theirs, linking a shared moment where a small nod is made from them to me, and me to them.

An acknowledgement. I see them. They see me. If only for but an instant. This connection is what art means to me.

How did you get started on this path?

Being a mainly self-taught artist, I wasn’t limited to the rules of traditional art and composition. Not knowing what my constraints should be, my only confines were to create in an environmentally conscious manner, and to learn from others as much as possible.

I had formal training at the Calgary School of Art with a focus on abstract painting, and completed certification to teach the DaSilva Method™. I’ve curated group and solo shows in Calgary's Art Central. I’ve always been a creative soul and cannot imagine a life without learning, growing, and creating art.

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