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Angela Kellsey, Uprise Jewelry

When you wear a piece of my hand sculpted jewelry, my hope is that you feel the desire to perform (literally or figuratively). I hope you feel the empowerment it brings to you and the ability to express YOUR complex soul. Because when you wear a piece by Uprise; You are a modern day warrior: empowering, strong, and don't forget -
a little bit...

West Coast Artisan Gallery in conversation with
Angela Kellsey, Uprise Jewelry

Your jewelry is so unique, like separate little creations and very artistic.

When I started designing jewelry it instantly became my passion, because it was a way for me to communicate and express my complex soul. Even though I'm completely awkward at speaking (and possibly writing), I'm a pretty good singer which was my dream job before jewelry design. A lot of the love I had for performance also comes out through my designs.

This is polymer clay? Really?

I get this question a LOT, especially when people are looking specifically at my cuffs. They look like leather at first glance; but once you pick it up and see it's actually made of an almost-velvety smooth plastic, you're bound to have more questions. Because of its elusiveness, I composed a section of questions typically asked in regards to my jewelry.

Can my polymer clay piece get wet?

It is advised to avoid water, especially salt water as this could potentially break down the material over time.

Will my cuff bracelet crack or break with wear?

Absolutely not! If you take care of your UCC piece by not bending repeatedly or trying to straighten it out, it could last a lifetime. They may look like leather but polymer clay essentially becomes a plastic upon baking. There are no clay components found in polymer clay.

*Please avoid placing heavy objects on any polymer clay piece or storing them in a place where they can't be kept in their sculpted form (ex. the bottom of your purse or jewelry box)**Do not allow your polymer clay items to freeze.

Can a baked polymer clay piece melt?

It hasn't been tested by Uprise, but it would probably scorch and blister before it would melt. On a hot day, baked polymer clay becomes even more pliable and flexible. Oh but be careful not to bend it past it's sculpted form!

How long does it take to make a typical cuff bracelet?

A cuff can take anywhere from 1.5 to 3 hours from start to finish.

What does a polymer clay cuff feel like?

It feels smooth and cool to the touch until you put it on; the cuff then softens and warms from the temperature of your body, molding the cuff to the shape of your wrist. Because of the medium's sensitivity to body heat, a polymer clay cuff is extremely comfortable to wear.

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